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3 Unique Hotels to Stay in Ioannina

3 Unique Hotels to Stay in Ioannina

Discovering the rejuvenation of the mountains is easy when the accommodation in Ioannina includes luxurious amenities and modern comforts. Hidden in the protected mountains of Epirus, in the heart of Ioannina, are three city hotels that are unique and accessible – offering a clean and authentic way to experience all that Ioannina and its lake have to offer. They are also ideal for weekend getaways.

1. SAZ City Life Hotel

The 10 storey building, with a total area of 3000 square meters, located right in the central square of Ioannina, is designed and constructed with an emphasis on high quality and insistence on details and components compatible with aesthetics, philosophy and personal view for the hospitality of its owner Leonidas Mosialos.

A hotel that offers all the standards of an ultramodern, newly constructed hotel with an individual approach.

The 23 rooms, with a view from not only the city of Ioannina but also the beautiful lake Pamvotis, are decorated with taste, creativity and imagination. Moreover, the hotel is accessible for people with disabilitie and there is also a pet-friendly room.

There is also an underground guarded parking on site, a Meeting and Show Room for your business meetings and a Conference Center with all the modern audiovisual equipment for conferences, seminars and workshops.

On the ground floor of the hotel, you can relax and enjoy your meal, coffee and drinks in the cafe-bar-resto ZAMOS, which is decorated with original sketches of the biggest fashion designers in the world.

2. Kamares Boutique Hotel

Kamares Boutique Hotel is one of the most prestigious mansions in downtown Ioannina. It is located in the historic Shiarava district, outside the castle walls, on Zalokosta Street.

Built in the late 18th century by the Crapsite family, it is one of the few houses saved by the 1820 fire, as the stone masonry of the ground floor reveals. It is considered a masterpiece of traditional architecture as it has all the details of the style of mansions in Ioannina when the capital of Epirus was at its peak.

Exemplary restored and converted into a Boutique Hotel, retaining all the charming elements of the 18th century, blending harmoniously with the unique mysterious atmosphere that exudes its spaces, turning every visitor’s stay into a dreamy journey back in time combined all modern comforts.

Kamares Boutique Hotel Spa is separate aesthetic wellness and relaxation area. Combining modern luxury with convenience and modern facilities offering a variety of personalized services.

3. Frontzu Politia

Day in Frontzu Politia starts with a certified traditional Greek Breakfast in the most privileged area of the complex.

In a rich buffet with more than 30 different local dishes and products, by the side of the traditional fireplace, with a view of the beautiful city of Ioannina, one can enjoy fragrances, flavors and images from the land of Epirus.

You will find fresh bread and croissants, fresh cakes and homemade cookies, cereals, a large selection of local cheeses (feta, manouri, gruyere, Kefalograviera, metsovone), cold meats, olives, homemade jams without preservatives, honey from Tzoumerka, “Dodona” yogurt and milk, organic eggs



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