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5+1 Guided Jeep tours to experience Epirus off road

5+1 Guided Jeep tours to experience Epirus off road

Immerse all your five senses, while riding top-down in a Jeep through the mountainous region of Epirus. Blessed with waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and natural attractions – the charm of rustic life gives you a much different perspective from the crowded cities!  (And ohhh… all the fresh air you will breathe.)

1. Zagori & Metsovo Off-Road Jeep Safari

The absolute 4×4 tour of the Epirus Region. This tour is the only that give us the taste of Pindos mountains. Combining Zagori Area with Vovousa and Valia Calda with Metsovo town. On this tour, we have many chances to see wild animals such as bears, deers, boars and many others.

2. Valia Calda Off Road Jeep Safari 

At the point where Valia Calda begins, we face the beautiful lake of Aoös and Vovousa village in which flows the Aoös river. High peaks, steep slopes, unbelievable colors and a strong taste of the wilderness of Valia Caldas’s landscape are all combined in a magical alpine view, given to us by nature. It is the ultimate tour for nature and photography lovers.

3. Zagori & Bridges Off-Road Safari Tour

A tour that crosses the beautiful villages of the central and eastern Zagori and combines the unique stone bridges that used to connect the villages with a 4×4 off-road experience in the forests of Zagori. It’s the absolute tour to visit the most of the stone bridges in Zagori

4. Tzoumerka – Kipina Monastery Tour

The tour of Tzoumerka might be one of our biggest. Nevertheless, each and every of its many curves offers a breathtaking view of the wild beauty of Tzoumerka and its canyon in which the river Arachthos flows. On our way, we’ll meet the Kipina monastery, the villages Kalarrites and Pramanta, the “Anemotripa” cave and of course the unbelievable beauty of the alpine landscape.

5. Papingo – Vikos Gorge Tour

This tour offers us the ultimate view of the world’s deepest canyon, Vikos canyon. In our path, we’ll meet one of the clearest and coldest rivers of Europe, Voidomatis and well as some spots that provide us with a sublime view of the canyon. The silvery river’s waters, though cold, are surprisingly refreshing for swimming and ideal for rafting in the late spring and summer months..

6. Central Zagori – Stone Bridges Tour

A tour that crosses the beautiful villages of the central and eastern Zagori and combines the breathtaking view of Vikos canyon with the unique stone bridges that used to connect the villages. It surely is a view that reminds us of the “miracles” that can happen by human and natural cooperation.



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