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A revelation of Greek cuisine in Tzoumerka

A revelation of Greek cuisine in Tzoumerka

The food scene in Tzoumerka continues to evolve with a new restaurant balancing a focus on safety with a commitment to innovative cuisine. If there was an ingredient that represented the vibrant and genuine spirit of the mountains, it would certainly be found in a flavorful dish at Rouista Tzoumerka Resort

Its chef Dimitris Giakos recreates in a very successful and essential way a specialty of Epirus cuisine, with respect to the tradition and absolute emphasis on locality.

At Rouista Tzoumerka Resort you can experience the nature of Tzoumerka in your mouth tasting a series of modern level dishes such as handmade trachana with wild mushrooms and gruyere cream, local trout with sautéed baby potatoes, local rooster fillet with handmade pasta, braised veal cheeks and many more local recipes combined with a variety of fresh salads.

This restaurant is a revelation for the area and we hope that this daring venture will soon find more imitators.

Don’t Miss: For something different, try the handmade Trachana with wild mushrooms, Gruyere cream, almonds and truffle oil

Locals’ Tip: The Kashkaval Salad has stolen many hearts already – try it as an extra with your main dish.



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