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About Us

We have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. Epirus, with its plethora of options for every traveler, is undoubtedly now a popular and upcoming holiday destination for thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad, all year round. That’s how we created www.epirus.travel. An online platform that aims at the holistic promotion of Epirus through a comprehensive and rich topics, attractive and useful, for anyone who intends to visit our area! Information, suggestions, experiences, all the secrets that our place hides and we want visitors to discover! Our team consists of people who are professionally involved in the tourism industry in Epirus, journalists, bloggers and photographers who are mainly based in our region.
As locals, we strongly believe that we have an obligation to the mountains, sea and nature of Epirus to become their voice, so that the people visiting our region can plan their trip and live a truly unforgettable experience