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The “Ancient Theatres of Epirus” is a cultural route promising many travels in one, travels through time, places, the five senses. Five archaeological sites and their Theatres are the main stops, the starting points from where everyone can collect and compose experiences that interest and inspire them. Everything is here:  enthralling monuments and historically fascinating archaeological sites, architecture, the crafts and flavors of an ancient unique tradition, the magnificent landscapes of Epirus.

The Theatres are the main protagonists of the cultural route for a reason. In antiquity, theatre was much more than what we understand by the word today. Alongside the agora, it was the trademark of the city-state, of its public life. It was the space where citizens gathered to watch dramatic performances, spectacles connected to religion, intended not only to entertain, but also to teach. As a building, the theatre was the tangible nucleus of life in the ancient city. Theatre, as an act, was its intangible nucleus. Theatre is also the nucleus of this route, the foundation for a rich, multi-dimensional, holistic cultural experience.

The Theatres