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Discover iconic Tzoumerka with these outdoor activities

Discover iconic Tzoumerka with these outdoor activities

Tzoumerka has a rich heritage as some of the world’s most awe-inspiring mountain destinations. With easy access to pristine wilderness, endless outdoor adventures, jaw-dropping sights, and vibrant history and culture, there is a lifetime’s worth of things to do Tzoumerka

Horse riding next to Arachthos river

Close to the bridge of Plaka next to the river Arachthos with the imposing background of Tzoumerka mountains you can to get in touch with horses and enjoy a beautiful ride with the sense of security offered by experienced escorts.

The horse riding is aimed at all, old and young, beginner and experienced. The only necessary qualification is a good mood and love for the four-legged friends.

Horse riding is a very nice activity, though, when done in the magical natural environment of Tzoumerka, is a great experience that you will remember forever. Come wander on a path down the plane trees, cross the bridge on the tributary of the route, look at the watermill of the area and visit the abandoned settlement of Megabeli.

Rafting in Arachthos river

A unique rafting experience, an easy and beautiful descent, ideal for beginners with some light waves, repeated turns and 2nd to 3rd-degree crossings.

We start our descent at the bridge of Politsa in Abelochori and end in the bridge of Plaka* (very recently destroyed by floods and in process of reconstruction). The entrance to the narrow canyon of Arachtos is truly imposing, with the highest pitch reaching 700m. We see many springs coming out of the rocks from chinks, and rare birds nesting in the remote rocks of the canyon.


Arachtos river with its unique narrow canyon
Springs running down the narrow walls
Rare birdlife nesting in the gorge
Fun rapids
Pass by the destroyed Plaka Bridge

About the bridge of Plaka:
It used to be the largest one-arch bridge of the Balkans. Built in 1866, with a width of 40 meters, and a height of 19 meters was a point of attraction for the area. It was destroyed by the floods of January 2015. The attempts to find the missing pieces and reconstruct it has already begun.


A fascinating canyoning experience for all!

In this beautiful gorge, there are 6 waterfalls with heights of 5 to 22 meters, where we descent with the use of abseiling equipment. A gorge of medium difficulty, suitable for families and children above 10 years old, with no previous experience in canyoning.


Adrenaline hype at 6 waterfalls
Cross a gorge of untouched virgin scenery

Canoe Kayak in Lake Pournari

It is a route to the artificial lake of Pournari (Lake Arachthos) that we do with single, two, or three canoes, depending on the composition and desire of the team. The route progresses to the area where Arachthos meets the lake. The shore forms lacy fjords and the waters are crystal clear. The vegetation is very rich all around and rests on the lake water. When the level is high we paddle right over a submerged 120-year-old settlement !!! When the waters are low this settlement comes to the surface and is accessible.

Hiking towards Rema Marks

The hiking in Tzoumerka is among the most scenic and inspiring in the world. Ranging from walks and easy hikes to multi-day backcountry epics, hiking is an accessible way to immerse yourself in the spectacular landscape of the National Park of Tzoumerka.  With a little effort and a dose of adventurous spirit, hiking in Tzoumerka is your chance to step outside of your norm and into a truly magical world.

Small wonders of Mother Nature are scattered throughout the region of Tzoumerka. One of them, unknown even to some of the locals, is the “Rema Marks”. Known also as the stream of Paradise, it is a spot of rare, wild beauty, with small waterfalls that create green ponds, taking our breaths away!

This virgin place is located at the Theodoriana village which is known for its water springs. In order to reach the stream, you have to follow the path that starts at the village’s entrance.

The path goes through the largest fir forest of the area and throughout the trip, our ears are filled with the sounds of running water and singing birds. A pure and virgin place that resembles a fairytale, the home of fairies and elves! After the first glade, you can see the first pond, ideal for relaxation in order to continue towards the second, larger one.



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