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Epirus, A 4-Seasons Destination in NorthWestern Greece

Epirus, A 4-Seasons Destination in NorthWestern Greece

Epirus is an area in northwestern Greece and is located between the Pindos mountain range and the Ionian Sea.
With plenty of history, seas, mountains, and forests, it is one of the most exciting places to visit.

Sunset at the port of Igoumenitsa, Thesprotia

Less well known, as Greece is famous for its islands, can give the visitor what he is looking for, as Epirus can combine mountain with sea, different flavors and recipes, modern cities with traditional villages, mountain and river activities with day cruises in the Ionian Sea, luxury and simplicity and all this with a distance of less than an hour.

From Parga to Vikos Gorge you need about 1 hour and 30 minutes

Epirus, of course, with its morphology, climate, and short distances can be characterized as nothing more than a 4-seasons destination.

To the point, let’s see why Epirus is a 4-seasons destination in northwestern Greece and not only…

Summer in Epirus:

Alonaki Fanariou beach, Preveza region

Summer is ideal for relaxing trips to beautiful
small and large beaches in Preveza, Parga, Sivota, and Thesprotia. Let’s say a walk in the picturesque city of Preveza or exploring the castle of Parga will enchant you.

City of Preveza

Also swimming in the magic ponds that form the crystal clear streams such as in Iliochori – Zagori, in Rema Marks – Theodoriana of Tzoumerka, the swimming pools of Vlaha’s in Voutsara – Zitsa are ideal places for lovers of the cool waters but also for just a simple visit as these landscapes are unique in Greece.

Iliochori waterfall, Zagori

Do not miss the crystal clear rivers such as Voidomatis, Acheron, Aoos, Arachthos, and Acheloos that each has a special beauty.
The activities and experiences that you can enjoy in Epirus in the summer are countless, such as hiking in the mountains, river trekking and rafting on the rivers, cooking lessons, and much more that we will need days to write.

Canyoning with Trekking Hellas – Ioannina in Papingo, Zagori

In summer, the whole of Epirus is at your disposal for exploration!

Autumn in Epirus:
As the season changes, in most of the parts of Epirus, mainly in the mountainous area, the colors of nature change and give us a landscape of incredible beauty with shades of green, yellow, brown, and red.

One of the many stone bridges that you will meet when you are hiking in Epirus

Most rivers and streams have more water and the morning fog gives an incredible beauty to the landscapes.

Papingo Rock Pools, Zagori

Autumn is ideal for hiking in nature. All the activity companies are ready for the people who want to explore the natural beauties of the place and enjoy the first cool days.

Flegga lakes on the peak of Mavrovouni Mt. inside the National Park of Northern Pindus (Valia Calda)

Definitely, this season is for those who seek tranquility and not the crowds of summer as in early autumn the beaches and mountain destinations are quieter.

Winter in Epirus:
With a large mountainous area, Epirus could not but star among the winter destinations not only in Greece but also in Europe.

Astraka towers, Tymfi Mt.

Picturesque villages with traditional hostels and hotels of all types, certainly promise a unique stay overlooking the snowy peaks of the Pindos mountain range.

Areas such as Metsovo, Zagori, Tzoumerka, Zitsa, Konitsa, and Ioannina are ideal destinations for everyone as they do not lag behind in infrastructure and you can easily enjoy the winter season next to a fireplace with your friends or family.

Aoos Springs Lake, Metsovo

We left for the end, the ski resorts located in Epirus as they complete the true meaning of a winter destination.
In Anilio Metsovo you will find the Anilio Adventure Park in a beautiful location overlooking Metsovo at an altitude of 1850 meters.

Anilio Ski Resort, Anilio, Metsovo

Near the village of Distrato, on the borders of the regional unit of Ioannina with the regional unit of Grevena, is the National Ski Center of Vasilitsa at an altitude of 1788 – 2060 meters, one the bigger in Greece.

Vasilitsa National Ski Center
Photo from www.vasilitsav1850.gr

On the plateau of Politses, is the ski center of Metsovo, 4 km from Metsovo, with easy slopes and a short length at an altitude of 1360-1620 meters.

Spring in Epirus:
Where nature generously gave all her love.
A place that combines sea with mountains, will surely be enchanting in spring.

The bear monument in Metsovo

The ideal time for nature excursions, hiking, rafting in the rivers, canoe-kayak in the lakes, daily trips with a picnic in nature, exploring the hidden gems, and of course the visits to the historical and archeological monuments of Epirus which are many and important in each area.

Rafting in Voidomatis river, Zagori

For those who prefer to live in urban centers, the cities of Epirus are offered for walks in their castles such as Preveza and Ioannina or the historical bridge of Arta in the city of Arta.

The historical stone bridge of Arta

In every city you are, you can enjoy your coffee in a beautiful cafe and local cuisine in excellent restaurants.
The landscapes of Epirus are filled with flowers and nature begins to give us magical images.

Rema Marks in Theodoriana, Tzoumerka is one
of the most beautiful hidden gems of Epirus

This makes Epirus an ideal place for landscape photographers that in recent years has become a photographic destination for those looking for beautiful landscapes.

The ancient Roman aqueduct o Louros river, Preveza region

For the above reasons and many more, which we will write to you along the way, Epirus is a unique and wonderful 4 seasons destination that suits everyone.

Do not hesitate to ask us for anything you need in the region of Epirus.
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