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Epirus Trail is a great mountain adventure that crosses the whole of Epirus, from Grammos to Tzoumerka. A dream of many years and many people, it began to be designed in 2015 by the Region of Epirus and the Development Company “EPIRUS SA”. With an initially estimated length of 300 km, the Epirus Trail is the largest single hiking trail ever designed in Greece. At the present stage, it includes the Regional Units of Konitsa, Zagori, Metsovo and North Tzoumerka, while the future goal is to unite areas of Epirus but also to expand to Macedonia.

It is essentially a highlight of the old highways through which the people of Epirus moved for centuries inland, in other parts of Greece or abroad. The areas it crosses include places of exceptional natural beauty, unique landscape changes, interesting anthropogenic environment while the cultural elements that “dress” it give it an important peculiarity.

Till we finish the mapping of the trail network you can find more information in the official website of Epirus Trail.

Till then explore more activities in Epirus