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Evdoksia Estates

In the area of ​​Tzoumerka, next to Arachthos, where the heavens are joined to the earth, there is the Eudoxia Land. A century just after the stopping of the old winery (around 1904), in 2004 they started operating.

The family has long been aware of the art of winemaking, since the wine was made in wooden barrels made of wood of “stool” (mulberry) and platanum, the wine being made with the taste and passion of the producer, the vines were planted on the banks of the terraces and perched on the trees, the distillation being made in barns with the light of the handcuff with hanging spiders.

Today everything is inox and oak barrels, science has the first word, a vines are planted in rows and the modern distillery. We keep tradition, we are modernizing and we offer you all unique products.

The estate has a sufficient number of vineyards to be self-sufficient. The largest part is in Platanousa, planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Debina, Limnio and Asyrtiko. There are vineyards in Monolithi and the Raftans with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Live a unique experience getting to know the Traditional Greek Winery

Evdoksia Estates offer a different note to the tourist wandering in the Tzoumerka area and invite you to experience the vineyards as well as the hospitable winery – distillery. It is a small family-run winery, just 40 km from Ioannina and Arta. Next to the Arachthos River and just 5 minutes from Plaka’s bridge.

Around the winery you can find some of the vineyards where you can take a tour, get to know the local grape varieties and depending on the time to participate in the works. After the tour, you will see the facilities of the Winery, you will visit the production area and you will have a detailed presentation of what you would like to know.

Then there is a tasting of wines and spirits that are associated with local cuisine. Finally, you can get all the products for you or your loved ones.

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Evdoksia Estates

Platanousa, Ioannina
44013, Epirus, Greece
tel.: +306978776610 – +306978776611

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