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The only cave in Greece that crosses the river along its entire length is the cave of Anemoprypas, in Tzoumerka. It is considered the most white cave in Greece, as it hosts clean limestone. It has a constant temperature throughout the year that reaches 19 degrees Celsius while the temperature of the water reaches 10 degrees Celsius. As far as its form is concerned, it belongs to the dragonflies. That is, it is in the form of a steep gulf on the earth.

The river that crosses the cave has shaped its interior into three levels. Small lakes are formed in the cave with a more impressive one towards the end of the route. The lake is blue due to the quartz crystals on the bottom.

The first level has collapsed and few signs are rescued.

The second level is crossed by a path of 250 meters long and extends into 10 halls. At the end of the second level and about 10 meters below the path, there is a waterfall of two meters.

On the third level we meet the riverbed. The rocks of the cave date between 12 and 15 million years.


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