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Archaeological Museum of Arta

Arachthou & Manoliasis, Arta

The museum’s exhibition includes three major sections: public life, cemeteries and the private life of the Ambracians, with the beginning and end of it being the smallest sections of the introduction and the “end of Ambracia” respectively.

The findings from the city of Arta come from excavations at Ambracia’s two cemeteries outside the walls, east and southwest, of public buildings that have been discovered so far, such as the small and large theater, the temple of Apollo and the Prytaneion, from houses and other building remains as well as ceramics or waxworks, which have been occasionally exposed by archaeological research in Arta. The findings of the collection cover a long period, from the Paleolithic to the Roman times. The objects of the prehistoric era are extremely limited, as are those of the geometric period that follows.

The findings of the archaic period are numerous, including domestic pottery, imitations of Corinthian but also imported Corinthian vases, mainly of the 6th century BC. Most of the material, however, belongs to the Hellenistic period, a period that coincided with the highest economic and political boom of Ambracia, as it was then the seat of the State of Epirus.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 8:00 am to 15:00 pm
Ticket price: 3€


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