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The waterfalls of Iliochori are located in the forests of Zagori near the borders with the villages of Smolikas. Three waterfalls in total that form 2 large green pedestals, literally in a virgin forest. The path for the waterfalls starts from the village square in a downhill course of 1050 meters, in a fairly well-maintained and well-kept path where about halfway there you will find a small church.

When you get close to your destination, you will see the path divided into two paths. We suggest you follow the right path where you will find a green small lake with the highest waterfall of the three. The residents of the village have taken care of and built stone benches while they have shaped the place so that you can sit and enjoy the landscape. The landscape in the second waterfall is similar, while the third is the smallest.

The path is the same for the return but it is uphill and you have to calculate about twice the time.
We suggest you wear sneakers and have a swimsuit and towel with you if you visit the waterfalls in the summer.


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