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Katarraktis (meaning “waterfall” in Greek) is a village of Epirus in the prefecture of Arta, belongs to the Municipality of Central Tzoumerka. It is built at an altitude of 800 meters in Tzoumerka. It took its present name from the twin waterfalls located just a short distance from the village, near the settlement of Kryopigi.

It is built at an altitude of 800 meters in the Athamanika Mountains which is better known by the traditional name Tzoumerka, at a distance of 62.5 km (via Plaka bridge) or 55 km (via Ramia) north of the city of Arta. It consists of the main village and within an area of ​​30 sq.km. It includes four settlements: Kryopigi – former Moutsiara, Milea, Sgara and Vlagada and all together form the Katarraktis community.

Katarraktis was one of the 26 settlements of Tzoumerka that came to Greece in 1881. The martyred village of Katarraktis Arta, is the first in the area of ​​Tzoumerka, which is now included in the list of Martyred villages, with a Presidential decree published (Government Gazette A / 79 / 1-06-2017). It was on the two days of October 26 and 27, 1943, when the Nazi Edelweiss Mountain Brigade set fire to houses, burned crops and executed 11 residents who could not escape from the village. The atrocities were reprehensible, as the Nazis claimed, for the hostilities caused by the National Resistance forces in the occupiers’ clearing operations.



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