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One of the most beautiful lakes in Greece is the Louros river springs lake. No photo is enough to capture the beauty of the lake and the landscape. One of the most remarkable subjects of the lake is the vegetation that has been created at its bottom and we are not referring to water lilies and algae but to entire trees which are visible from its surface. The main feature that you will see and will captivate you is the reflection of the Alpine landscape that surrounds the lake on its clear blue waters. The lake receives water from underground springs and leaves a surface opening only to the east, through which its waters supply the river Louros. It is characteristic that the temperature of its water remains constant throughout the year.

The spring lake of Louros is located in a small village (Vouliasta, Ioannina) 30 km from Ioannina, on the old national road Ioannina – Athens and is an ideal destination for day trips near the city.


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