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Mt. Smolikas Dragon Lake Rivers & Lakes

Konitsa, Ioannina

The second highest mountain in Greece, mount Smolikas is situtated close to Vasilitsa and Tymfi. The whole region is of great ecological significance and, thanks to limited human interference, it is home to rare species of flora and fauna. Pines, lammergeyers, firs and several kinds of decidious trees grow on its slopes, offering shelter to wolves, brown bears, roe deer, as well as a great number of bird and reptile species.

Dragon lake (Drakolimni of Smolikas), near the mountain’s peak, is one of the few alpine lakes in the country and the only habitat of the extremely rare and protected alpine triton- a small amphibian, which may grow up to 12 centimeters in length and resembles a dragon. Hikers have several paths to choose from, although it takes more than two days on foot to explore the mountain’s natural beauties. Heavy snowfall during the winter months means that special equipment is essential, while in the summer storms are always a possibility.


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