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Mt. Tymfi Dragon Lake

Zagori, Ioannina

It is located on a 2,050 m. elevation on Tymfi peak, between Aoos River and its tributary Voidomatis, in the reserve area of the North Pindus Range NW of Gamila crest (2,497 m.) which is Tymfi’s highest peak. Lies next to the precipice facing Aoos River. The surrounding landscape is naked and very impressive in its rare beauty offering a panoramic view of the mountain peaks.

The myth about Dragon lakes says: Once upon a time there were two dragons that used to live in mountain Tymfi Dragon Lake and in mountain Smolikas Dragon Lake.

How to get there:
From Mikro Papingo you follow the uphill path to Astraka, the peak of Mt. Tymfi. After reaching the mountain refuge you continue the route to the Dragon Lake.
The total duration of the hike is about 4 hours.


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