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Museum of Arts and Sciences of Epirus

Flaboura, Preveza

It is located at the 16th km of the National Road Preveza – Ioannina, at Flamboura. It was founded by collector Charalambos Gouvas in order to house his rich collection after 13 years of painstaking efforts. It is located on a ground floor building, which has been erected in the center of a plot of land, with a total area of ​​4 acres. The museum was inaugurated on September 2, 2013, on the anniversary of the Battle of Aktio.

His permanent collection includes a large number of objects, characterized by exceptional variety.

More specifically, the three rooms exhibit:

collection of rocks, solidified volcanic lava, meteorite sections, collection of insects, reptiles and birds, ostrich eggs, nightingales from Acheron, corals, shells, a turtle Caretta Caretta, findings of the prehistoric period e.g. stone tools and weapons sections, ship miniatures, paintings, a variety of weapons from different eras and cultures.


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