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Small wonders of Mother Nature are scattered throughout the region of Tzoumerka. One of them, unknown even to some of the locals, is the “Rema Marks”. Known also as the stream of Paradise, it is a spot of rare, wild beauty, with small waterfalls that create green ponds, taking our breaths away!

This virgin place is located at the Theodoriana village which is known for its water springs. In order to reach the stream you have to follow the path that starts at the village’s entrance.

The path goes through the largest fir forest of the area and throughout the trip our ears are filled with the sounds of running water and singing birds. A pure and virgin place that resembles a fairytale, the home of fairies and elves! After the first glade you can see the first pond, ideal for relaxation in order to continue towards the second, larger one.

The sight is breathtaking! The first pond’s water is gathered and then falls with force on a huge rock, so symmetrical that you believe it is man-made. A truly unique scenery that astounds visitors of all ages. The water also creates multiple, small waterfalls that are united into a large “pool”. Around the spot, there are areas where you can sit and enjoy the spectacle. During the summer months a dive into the cold waters is a must.


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