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Starting from Vourgareli after a magical 16 km journey, we meet the picturesque village of Theodoriana. It is built at 1000 m and is one of the richest in water resources Greek villages.

Following the road that ascends from the village square we reach the path that enters the forest and leads to the souda waterfalls.To reach the point where the water falls, it takes about 20 minutes of hiking in the forest.

Beautiful path, among fir trees, after an exquisite and easy walk through a marked trail in the woods , one may come in view of an amazing spectacle of the two waterfalls , having firstly managed to split in two parts, forms two magnificent waterfalls, falling down from a height of 25 metres  and in the amount of 800 cubic meters per hour.

On the way to Theodoriana Village at an altitude of 1400 meters, do not forget to stop at the “Livadi” area at the mountainous activities park.



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