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In one of the most impressive locations of Epirus, in the gorge of Aoos, between the steep slopes of Mt. Tymfi and the Mt. Trapezitsa is the Monastery of Panagia Stomiou.
The original location of the monastery, founded in 1442, is located on the opposite slopes of Mt. Trapezitsa, where the name “Palaiomonastiro” is preserved. In its current location, in an elevated exaltation of the lower elevations of the slopes of Tymfi, it was moved by the abbot Constantine in 1774. From the almost complete destruction of the Monastery by the German army in 1943, only the church was saved.
The Monastery of Stomio is currently an active men’s monastery. It has eleven newly built cells with auxiliary spaces and a small cruciform church with a dome.
The interior is interesting with several Byzantine icons and the remains of many saints, who were transferred to the new monastery by the Paliomanastiro. The visit to the monastery takes place only on a 1-hour hike from the Konitsa bridge.


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