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In the river Voidomatis, at a distance of 2 km from the village of Kleidonia and where the small part of the Vikos Gorge ends, is the bridge of Kleidonia. It is a single-arched bridge, built in 1853 at the expense of the benefactor Balkiz Hanoum, who gave 37,000 grosis (old Greek currency) for its construction.
The bridge is located in a beautiful location full of plane trees where the path that crosses the gorge to Aristi and Papigo begins.

According to tradition, in the place where the bridge is built today, there was an older one. There, two families from neighboring villages, Stamatis and Gerenis, began to kill each other when the wedding procession of Gerenis ‘family crossed the bridge and met with members of Stamatis’ rival family.

The bridge of Klidonia is also the last attraction on the rafting route of the river Voidomatis and a few meters further are the bases of the activity companies.


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