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Stone Bridge of Kokkoris or Noutsos

Zagori, Ioannina

The Kokkoris or Noutsos Bridge is a architectural masterpiece of Zagori, like the most stone bridge of the area and was built in 1750 with funding from Noutsos-Kontodimos from Vradeto village, which is why it was named Noutsos Bridge. Also it was named Kokkoris Bridge in 1910, when Kokkoris from Koukouli, who had a mill nearby, funded its repair. In recent years, new repairs have been made from the greek state and E.U.

It is located on the road to Kapesovo and Tsepelovo, just before the intersection for the village of Kipi where the Vikos Gorge starts. It joins the two banks of Voidomatis river and is located right next to the main road and the modern bridge. We could say that it is the most popular stone bridge in Zagori.

Right next door there is an impressive rock, on which climbing routes have been opened, so if you see climbers climbing and hanging over your heads do not be surprised.

However, even the adjacent modern bridge where the asphalt road passes, also has something of the heritage of stone bridges and certainly has nothing to do with modern bridges made of cement and steel.


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