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Vikos Gorge (Vikos – Aoos Georpark) is the dominating and most impressive geomorphologic formation at Zagori area. With its wild and imposing beauty, rich fauna, vegetation and streams violently flowing on its sides and its caves, Vikos Gorge has a length of about 12 kilometers and intersects Tymfi Mountain by starting at Kokkoris Bridge and ending at Voidomatis springs at Vikos village.

A smaller part of the gorge, continues from Voidomatis springs, for about 8 kilometers and ends at Kleidonia village. Vikos Gorge is reported at Guiness Book of Records as the deepest canyon of the world, with a depth of 1100 meters and width varying from 100 to 900 meters. The view to the gorge is magic, especially from Vradeto village (Mpeloi viewpoint), Oxia viewpoint and Agia Paraskevi near Monodendri village. The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) has added Vikos – Aoos Geopark, in its Global Geoparks networks program, presented recently.


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