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Explore the Mountainous Epirus

The mountainous region of Epirus is located in the mountains of North Pindos. Pindos is the largest mountain range in Greece and is divided into smaller mountains, which are separated by ravines or river valleys. The most important mountains that make up the Pindos mountain range are Smolikas, Tzoumerka, Grammos, Tymfi, and Lakmos (Peristeri) where they are located in the mountainous region of Epirus. In addition to the impressive mountainous terrain, the area is the home of two of the most impressive gorges in Europe, the Vikos and the Aoos, as well as the mountain valley of Valia Calda where these areas have been declared national parks, making up the North Pindos National Park. Also along its entire length are many mountain settlements with a long history and special architecture. So get ready to explore the beautiful forests, peaks and ravines of Pindos and discover stone traditional settlements, rivers and the natural wild beauty of mountainous Epirus.