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Parga SUP Race

The All Saints Parga Sup Race takes place every year on Valtos beach in Parga. It has races with many and difficult trials, rich prize money, but also a very strong participation in the children’s categories that are the future of the sport.

Following the organization of the Iron Challenge and having a direct correlation with this event, the very strong Paddling community of Parga hosts the friends of Stand Up Paddling from all over the world and gives unforgettable moments in the clear blue waters of Parga. With tests for everyone and events after that, the All Saints Parga SUP Race is the next stop for all those involved in Paddling.

In the 2 days of the event, Elite Long Distance (16–20km), Elite Technical race (4–6km), Elite Sprint races Amateur race (10km), Fun technical & distance race (4km), Generation X race (2km) are held.

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