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Registration for the 10th anniversary ZAGORI MOUNTAIN RUNNING opens on May 9, 2021

Registration for the 10th anniversary ZAGORI MOUNTAIN RUNNING opens on May 9, 2021

After a difficult year, when the Covid-19 pandemic tested our endurance and changed our lives, Zagori Mountain Running, the country’s largest and most beloved mountain running race, returns to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event, in safe conditions for all the old and new friends athletes, who are waiting with the same anxiety, as we are, for the moment of summer when they will return to the “Place behind the mountain“!

For this anniversary event, the organizing committee has already started planning, preparing changes in racing tracks and many surprises, which will be worthy of the course, but also of the emotional value that Zagori Mountain Running has for all of us.

The registrations for the four races of the 10th Zagori Mountain Running, open on 09 May 2021, while detailed information about the whole process will be posted in the coming days on the official site of the event www.zagorirace.gr as well as in the media social networking of the event.


The 10th Zagori Mountain Running will take place on July 23-25, 2021 and from this year, as it is already known, all the races of the event will start and finish in Tsepelovo.

Awaiting the official protocols of all open sport events, for this year, the number of participants in the 4 games is determined as follows:

TeRA 80km: 250 athlete

Marathon + 44km: 350 athletes

Half Marathon 21km: 300 athletes

Entry Race 10km: 300 athletes

In case the participation of more athletes is allowed, the Organization will open other positions.

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