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Zagori Mountain races began in 2011, and they were “built” on the idea of mapping a trail route in the area, which could actually support a mountain race. The route was marked, and the second stage to follow was the implementation of the race that would be called the first Zagori Mountain Running. Beyond all expectations, registrations exceeded the initial target! The feedback of the participants, the very first moving moments and the warm welcome of the local community, filled us with strength and courage to go on with the project in the following year.

In 2014 registrations reached up to 1.700, in 2016 up to 1.900, while in 2017, a turning point for the ZMR, registrations outreached  2.000, showing a significant number of athletes from 40 different countries.

Region Of ZagoriThe place beyond the mountain

Zagori is a gifted mountainous area with outstanding natural beauty, in the north part of Epirus, near Ioannina, Greece. The history of the area formed a special historic and cultural environment, where, despite the multiplicity of small units (46 villages), Zagori stands out as an integral unity continuing its journey through time.

The name “Zagori” is of Slavic origin. The preposition “za” means “beyond” and the word “gora” means “mountain”, therefore “the place beyond the mountain.

The Vikos Gorge and the river Voidomatis now form the core of the National Park Vikos Aoos. The area of Vikos-Aoos because of its significant geological and geomorphological value, it is recognized as “Vikos-Aoos Geopark” and joined the UNESCO European Geoparks Network in October 2010.

Today, the Geopark features in rank 4 in Greece, including the Vikos Gorge and Voidomatis river, the Aoos ravine, the mountains Tymfi, Trapezitsa and Smolikas. The region also belongs to the protected ecosystem zone Natura 2000. The Park is characterized as one of the most impressive in Greece and often called the Forest of grand peaks. It is extended from the ravine of Aoos in the north to the Vikos gorge in the south, which is listed as the deepest-steepest in world. The tall and imposing peaks of Tymfi Mountain, sometimes sunny and sometimes snowy, capture the visitor. The Gamila peak (2.497m) is the highest with the rest to follow: Astraka (2.436m), Lapatos (2/251m), Ploskos (2.377m), Karteros (2.478m), Megala Litharia (2.467m), Tsouka Rossa (2.377m).

The Races

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